Favorite collections from FALL 2015 couture

I love this collection, it's so magestic and so royal. If I was a queen I would only wear these divine garments all autumn.

Christian Dior
Dior has used light colors for this fall collection which I think is very refreshing. The beautiful coats with one fur sleeve is my favorite part of the collection. 

Viktor & Rolf 
Now this collection is just pure art. I love the silhouettes the designers have used to express their point. 

MM6 Maison Margiela - Resort 2016

Looks from one of my favorite designers Masion Martin Margeila. There were also two other looks from this collection what was quite interesting with underwear outside the clothing. Always a new ideas coming from MMM. 



I've spent a couple days in London during this easter vacation. It was my first time here and I have to say I love this city so much. So much to do, so much to see. London is a city for the one who want's to live life experiencing everything.

I visited the Kensington Palace musuem and also the Alexander Mcqueen exhibition (Victoria and Albert museum). In the Kensington museum I saw queen Elisabeths and Dianas dresses (bottom left photo). Amazing seeing those dresses in real life. And then of course Alexander Mcqueens was incredable. Can't belive I've seen the actuall dresses Alexander Mcqueen has made, with his own hands!! That's just crazy.. 

I only had time to see maybe like 1% of everything London has to offer. I am ready to spend much more time in this exciting city. 

spring essentials

Hypnose sense Lacome, Estee Lauder Lipstick, my dear Iphone 5, Milkshake colour nailspolish Isadora, Chanel COCO perfume, Handcreme Shea, "I Love..." body lotion

the huge mf* jacket

Big brown jacket from secondhand. Grey striped skirt, self constructed.

Christmas wish list 2014 (dear santa...)

... it's allowed to dream a little. Can't get everything you want and desire. But you can wish. And you are also allowed to give youself a gift for christmas. "It doesn't matter what you get, it's the thought that counts!". They say, and that's true, but santa gives good gifts for those who have been extra good this year!

1. √Čtoile Isabel Marant Remington intarsia alpaca-blend sweater
2. Saint Laurent Monogramme leather shoulder bag
3. Fashion Marketing Communications by Gaynor Lea-Greenwood
4. Ashley Leather Chelsea Selected Femme
5. Ambre Lumiere Classic Voluspa
6. Michael Kors Watch